Panel Members

Presenter Name  Position  Organization
ssf adhir kackar Adhir Kackar  Senior Policy Analyst US EPA, Smart Growth Program
Agha_Iqbal_Ali Agha Iqbal Ali, Ph.D. Professor of Management Science and Operations Management  University of Massachusettes, Amherst, School of Management
Alan Hecht  Alan Hecht, Ph.D.  Director of Sustainable Development  US EPA, Office of Research and Development
ssf allan kelly (79x100)  Alan Kelly, Ph.D.  Dean Emeritus  University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pathology
Alex Wilson Founder BuildingGreen Inc. and Resilient Design
Dr. Alistair Woodward Alistair Woodward, Ph.D.  Head of the School of Population Health University of Auckland
allison garland Allison Garland Program Associate, Comparative Urban Studies Project Woodrow Wilson Center
ssf andrew stoeckle Andrew Stoeckle Vice President, Environment & Resources Abt Associates
Sir_Andy_Haines- Sir Andy Haines, MD Professor London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr_Ann_Lion Ann Lion, Dr.PH  Project Director  Abt Associates
ssf anne lewis Anne Lewis America’s Waterways Founder
Bill Karsell Chair  US Sub-Technical Advisory Group (ST5) to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) subcommittee on Life Cycle Assessment
Bill headshot Bill Meffert Energy and Sustainability Services group manager Georgia Institute of Technology
Blair_Ruble Blair Ruble, Ph.D. Director, Global Sustainability and Resilience Program Woodrow Wilson Center
  Robert Perciasepe President  Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Bob_Wassmann Bob Wassman, PMP Senior Manager Noblis
 Carlos_Martin Carlos Martin, Ph.D. Senior Associate for Sustainable Communities Abt Associates
ssf-carolyn Carolyn Lukensmeyer Executive Director National Institute of Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona
Chantal Line Carpentier, Ph.D.  Sustainable Development Officer & Major Groups Programme Coordinator Division for Sustainable Development
SSF Charles Godfray (80x100) Charles Godfray, Ph.D.  Director of the Martin Programme on the Future of Food Oxford University
ssf  charlie Charlie Deutsch Supervisory Wildlife Biologist, Rivers Project US Army Corps of Engineers
Charlie Slavik  Vice President Marketing and Sales Solar American Solutions
Chris Brown Partner and Chief Scientist Sail Capital Partners
Abt Associates - Constantin Abarbieritei Constantin Abarbiertei Division Vice President, International Economic Growth Abt Associates
Cynthia Greene Manager Energy and Climate Unit, U.S. EPA New England
ssf daniel craig Daniel Craig  President Tidal Basin Government Consulting
Daniel Gerdes (US Air Force, retired) Energy Director Air Force Civil Engineering Center.
Darlene_Pope Darlene Pope Managing Director Consolidated Green Services
  David Hague Senior Director of Marketing Gehrlicher Solar
ssf david hales David Hales  President and CEO Second Nature
dennis mcginn Dennis McGinn CEO ACORE
Dr_Diarmid_Campbell-Lendrum Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Ph.D.  Team Leader, Climate Change and Health  World Health Organization
ssf djordjija petroski Djordjija Petkoski, Ph.D.  Senior Fellow Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
ssf ed k abt (100x100) Ed Keturakis Senior Associate  Abt Associates
ssf ed pinero Ed Pinero  Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer  Veolia Water North America
ssf eileen shea Eileen Shea  Chief, Climate Services and Monitoring Division  NOAA
DSC_0131 Elisa Kahn Director, Credentialing Green Building Certification Institute
ssf ellis stanley 2 Ellis Stanley Managing Partner Ellis Stanley Partners
SSF Elizabeth Chalecki Elizabeth Chalecki, Ph.D. Visiting Research Fellow, Environmental Security Program Stimson Center
ssf genie birch gotosize Eugenie Birch, Ph.D.  Co-Director  Penn Institute for Urban Research
ssf felicia brauntein Felicia Braunstein Director of Professional Practice American Planning Association
Georges Benjamin Executive Director American Public Health Association
Gary Dirks Director LightWorks, Arizona State University
ssf georges darido Georges Darido  Transportation Specialist  World Bank
Georges_Dyer Georges Dyer  Vice President of Programs  Second Nature
Graham Stevens Associate Director Navigant Consulting
Harold_Neil  Harold W. Neil, Jr.  Founder and Board Chair Homeland Defense Solutions, Inc.
Harry Clark Chair Orrick’s International Trade & Compliance Group
Hillary Brown Professor, Architect & Author City College of New York
Irene Boland Nielson, MPA Climate Change Coordinator U.S. EPA
ssf ira feldman Ira Feldman President and Senior Counsel Greentrack Strategies
Jaime Lerner  Architect and Urban Planner
jake moskol  Jake Moskol Assistant Director, Global Health Institute University of Wisconsin, Madison
jay knott  Jay Knott Executive Vice President of Global Business  Abt Associates
jeb-brugmann-portrait  Jeb Brugmann  Managing Director Next Practice
Jeff Eckel CEO Hannon and Armstrong
ssf jeff soule  Jeff Soule, FAICP Director, Outreach and International Programs American Planning Association
JenniferLayke  Jennifer Layke Director, Institute for Building Efficiency Johnson Controls
  Jerry Elmblad  Correctional Energy Specialist  Energy Systems Group
ssf stedge gotosize - Copy  Jerry Stedge, Ph.D. Principal Associate Abt Associates
ssf jim buizer Jim Buizer Director, Climate Adaptation and International Development Institute for the Environment University of Arizona
ssf joe ruiz Joe Ruiz Humanitarian Relief Program Manager The UPS Foundation
John Ravis Principal Scully Capital
John Riley  Associate Vice President University Business Services
jt lockman Jonathan “J.T.” Lockman, AICP Vice President of Environmental Planning Catalysis Adaptation Partners
Jonathan_Patz Jonathan Patz, Ph.D. Director, Global Health Institute  University of Wisconsin, Madison
Lombardo-Joe-190x190px Joseph Lombardo  Director, Global CityLinks Program International City/County Management Association
judy baker Judy Baker  Lead Economist in the Urban Practice World Bank Institute
kj_new K.J. McCorry  Founder Eco-officiency
karen weigert Karen Weigert  Chief Sustainability Officer  City of Chicago
Karla_Perri Karla Perri, Esq  Principal The Spectrum Group
Kate Brandt Federal Environmental Executive Council on Environmental Quality
 ssf KathyJacobs4_1 (100x95) Kathy Jacobs Assistant Director for Climate Assessments and Adaptation Office of Science & Technology Policy
Kevin_Kampschroer Kevin Kamoschroer  Director, Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings GSA
ssf kevin kelley Kevin F. Kelley Senior Director, Operations, Community Preparedness and Resilience Services American Red Cross
Kevin_Shafer Kevin Shafer Executive Director Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
kim rea Kimberly Rea Director of Interpretive Services, Rivers Project US Army Corps of Engineers
ssf larry falkin  Larry Falkin  Director, Office of Environmental Quality  City of Cincinnati
Herzer_Lauren  Lauren Herzer  Program Associate, Environmental Change and Security Comparative Urban Studies Project Woodrow Wilson Center
Lindene_Patton  Lindene Patton  Chief Climate Product Officer  Zurich Financial Services
Lisa Jung  Acting Director, Facilities Energy and Privatization Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Energy);
SSF Lucy Moore Lucy Moore President Lucy Moore Associates, Inc.
lykke leonardsen Lykke Leonardsen  Head of the Department for Strategy in the Centre for Parks and Nature at the Technical and Environmental Administration  City of Copenhagen
ssf lyle Lyle Guyon, Ph.D. Terrestrial Ecologist National Great Rivers Center
Dr_Lynne_Carter- Lynne Carter, Ph.D. Associate Director SCIPP
ssf lynn scarlett Lynn Scarlett Co-Director Center for Ecological Wealth
ssf marc weiss Marc Weiss, Ph.D. CEO Global Urban Development
MarciaTrump Marcia Gowen Trump, Ph.D. Principal Associate Abt Associates
marcia lochmann Marcia Lochmann Director, Office of Sustainability Lewis & Clark College
Mark Shafer Mark Shafer, Ph.D. Director of Climate Services Oklahoma Climatological Survey
Marsha Willard, Ph.D. Executive Director International Society of Sustainability Professionals
ssf mathew forstater goto Mathew Forstater, Ph.D. Founding Director, Center for Full Employment and Price Stability University of Missouri, Kansas City
Michael Albert President
Michael Brower President & Chief Executive Officer American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)
  Michael Huerta Managing Partner GridCo Storage Capital, LLC
Michael MacCracken Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs Climate Institute
Michael_Penders Michael Penders, JD Chairman Environmental Security Int’l L3C
ssf kugelman-michael (75x100) Michael Kugelman Senior Program Associate for South and Southeast Asia Woodrow Wilson Center
ssf laird goto Michele Laird Principal Associate Abt Associates
Michael Simpson, MS, MA Co-Director & Chair AUNE Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience, AUNE Department of Environmental Studies
mickey heitmeyer Mickey Heitmeyer, Ph.D. Wildlife Ecologist Greenbrier Wetland Services
Mike Carr Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department of Energy
mindy lubber Mindy Lubber, JD  President  Ceres
Missy_Stults Missy Stults  Science Research Fellow  University of Michigan
ssf mitch thomashow Mitchell Thomashow Director, Presidential Fellows Program Second Nature
MollieOverby Mollie Overby  Programs Associate, Global Health Institute  University of Wisconsin
neil hawkins  Neil Hawkins, Sc.D.  Vice President of Sustainability and Environment, Health, and Safety  Dow Chemicals
Otto Van Geet Senior Engineer National Renewable Energy Laboratory
ssf pmcginnis - Copy  Patrick McGinnis  Senior Water Resources Advisor The Horinko Group
ssf patricia Hagen Patty Hagen, Ph.D. Executive Director Audubon Center at Woodlands
paul-harrison  Paul Harrison  Senior Director, Water Program  Environmental Defense Fund
paul rowland  Paul Rowland  Executive Director  Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
Paul Sheldon Senior Advisor
Peter_Gleick  Peter Gleick, Ph.D.  Co-Founder and President  Pacific Institute – Oakland, CA
ssf peter saundry Peter Saundry, Ph.D. Executive Director National Council for Science and the Environment
rebecca steiner Rebecca Steiner Environmental Educator National Great Rivers Research and Education Center
Reid Detchon Vice President for Energy and Climate & Executive Director United Nations Foundation & Energy Future Coalition
 Richard Burroughs Author and Marine Affairs expert University of Delaware
ssf rich goode - Copy Rich Goode Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Ernst & Young
richard dailey Richard Dailey Senior Director, Environmental Management and Support WalMart
Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles
 Roseen, Robert-Full-160x213-web Dr. Rob Roseen Associate Geosyntec Consultants
Robert Sullivent Area General Manager Johnson Controls
robyn colosimo Robyn Colosimo Deputy Associate Director Natural Resources Council on Environmental Quality
Rodolfo Camacho Rodolfo Camacho Vice President, International Economic Growth Division Abt Associates
ssf ron leighton - Copy Ron Leighton Director of Education and Academic Affairs American Society of Landscape Architects
Roger Feldman Director American Council on Renewable Energy
rose johnson Rose Johnson President Haywood Community College
RowanDouglas Rowan Douglas CEO, Global Analytics Willis Re
roy koch Roy Koch, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs Portland State University
Ryan Wartena Chief Strategy Officer Growing Energy Labs, Inc.
ssf sam merrill - Copy Sam Merrill, Ph.D. President Catalysis Adaptation Partners
Sean Gallagher Superintendent of Schools  Lake County Oregon School District
Scott Provinse Director of Government Programs SunEdison
Seth Miller Gabriel The Institute for Public-Private Partnership
Shirley_Vincent Shirley Vincent  Director, Center for Education Research National Council for Science & the Environment
Stanley P. Rhodes Ph.D.   Founder and President SCS Global Services
sue-briggum Sue Briggum Vice President, Federal Public Affairs Waste Management, Inc.
Susan F. Tierney Sue Tierney Managing Principal Analysis Group
susan wachter Susan Wachter, Ph.D.  Co-Director  Penn Institute for Urban Studies
susan hill Susan Hill, JD  CEO  International Housing Coalition
ssf tc richmond - Copy T.C. Richmond Partner Van Ness Feldman GordonDerr, LLP.
Tayfur_Altiok Tayfur Altiok, Ph.D.  Professor Rutgers
Timothy Beatley  Chair and Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture at the University of Virginia
ssf tim b - Copy Tim Bonnemann  Founder and CEO Intellitics, Inc.
Tim Fields Tim Fields Senior Vice President MDB
Tim_Harvie Tim Harvie President and CEO Fluensee
Tim Unruh Director of the Federal Energy Management Program, US Department of Energy
Todd Foley  Senior Vice President, Policy & Government Relations  American Council on Renewable Energy
  Tom Peterson  Founder  Center for Climate Strategies
ssf tracy mehan - Copy G. Tracy Mehan  Principal, Environmental Science & Policy Division The Cadmus Group
  William Schulte  Fellow  U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law (PEL) at Vermont Law School


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