Changing the way whole communities think about sustainability

by Ritu Jain on September 2, 2012

A discussion from the LinkedIn Urban Planning Group, which fits with SSF’s Free Urbanization Webinar Series.

One of the hardest things for a government, either a politician who represents or a bureaucrat who serves in, to do is explain what sustainability means to everyday life. Some attempts have actually left those whom wished to gain some understanding more confused than ever. In local government circles, especially in Australia, this sadly, is more often the case than not.

To attempt to explain what sustainability means ‘on-the-ground’ in a local government context we produced an animated cartoon. The aim is to coerce change across a whole local government area – and if it works, maybe even further.

It only goes for three minutes and twenty seconds (3:20) and is well worth sharing amongst, not only government or political circles, but the general population – as sustainability crosses ALL political divides.

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