DoD to Invest $3B in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

by Roberta Seldon on May 4, 2012

The Department of Defense will invest nearly $3 billion in energy efficiency and renewable energy in 2013, an article on the White House blog said.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, addressing attendees at an Environmental Defense Fund reception in honor of the DoD’s leadership in advancing the nation’s security through 21st century clean energy and environmental initiatives, said, “I want those gathered here tonight to know that… we are working to be a leader and an innovator in environmental stewardship, energy efficiency and energy security. Our mission at the Department is to secure this nation against threats to our homeland and to our people.”

From a security and financial standpoint, we are deeply committed to finding better energy options, including reducing the amount of fuel used by our equipment and spending less on fuel and energy so that more of our financial resources are put toward other critical defense priorities, he continued.

“In the next fiscal year, we are investing more than $1 billion in more efficient aircraft and aircraft engines; hybrid electric drives for ships; improved generators and micro-grids for combat bases; and combat vehicle energy efficiency programs. We are investing another $1 billion to make our installations here at home more energy efficient, and we are using them as a test bed to demonstrate next-generation energy technologies. Meanwhile, the Army, Navy, and Air Force have committed to adding about three gigawatts of renewable energy to installations in the coming years – one of the largest commitments to clean energy in the nation’s history,” he added.

ROI for some of the investments will be long-term, but for many, the results will be immediate, Frank Kendall, Acting Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics at the Department of Defense, said on the White House blog.

“3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment deployed in 2010 with first generation ExFOB gear. The results spoke for themselves. The Marines operated two patrol bases solely on renewable energy, reduced energy use by 90 percent at a third base, and executed a three-week foot patrol without battery resupply, reducing load on Marines by 700 lbs. In less than a year, technologies demonstrated at this first ExFOB were deployed widely to combat forces in Afghanistan,” he also said.

“Let me assure you that DoD is helping to lead this nation when it comes to preserving our environment and building a more sustainable and secure energy future…That’s our mission, that’s our goal, and that is the key to giving our children a better life in the 21st Century,” Panetta said at the reception Wednesday night.

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