The Tactical Urbanism Movement: Short-term Action for Long-term Change

by Arturo Herrera on March 9, 2015

Mon, Mar 23, 2015 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

Author Mike Lydon and co-author Anthony Garcia wrote “the bible on Tactical Urbanism.” This webinar shares the background of the movement they helped found, and delves into case studies of short-term actions that give long-term change.

Along with a panel of distinguished experts, Mike Lydon will identify the short-term, community-based projects that have become powerful and adaptable new tools for urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond. Quick, often low-cost and creative projects, such as pop-ups parks and open street initiatives, are the essence of the Tactical Urbanism movement.


Mike Lydon is Principal of The Street Plans Collaborative. An internationall recognized planner, he is co-author of “The Smart Growth Manual” and the creator and primary author of the report “The Open Streets Project.” His co-authored book, “Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action, Long-term Change,” publishes this month, March 2015.

Thank you to our sponsors, Island Press, for making this program free and available to the public.

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